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It's time to let your students laugh out loud with award winning comedy and magic from Kidzmagic by Andrew.

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Andrew has performed at schools and libraries throughout the Midwest offering "just for fun" shows as well as performances with an educational twist (Reading Counts, Be a Buddy-Not a Bully, ie...).

"Kidzmagic" is filled with opportunities for students to become the "stars" of the show and participate in comedy magic routines and general good natured craziness.

Performances of this popular show are available for K-5 (Elementary) and 6-8 (Middle School) audiences. The content of the show is always designed to appeal to the grade levels in attendence and the comedy and magic tricks are always appropriate for a school and library setting!

The program last 45 minutes, and there is nothing special your school or library needs to provide...except, of course, the audience.

Andrew is fully insured and offers "Additionally Insured" coverage at no extra cost.

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